TaiwanPressBriefing_2010Combining humor and enthusiasm with proven business know-how, Chris is a dynamic speaker who has presented at companies such as Apple, 3M, and Microsoft and at conferences from Detroit to Hong Kong. He has also presented at press briefings for new product releases, where it is critical to translate product benefits into attractive “layman’s-speak”.

At your company meeting, quarterly sales conference, or just a brown-bag lunch talk, Chris can inform your team in several areas.  Outlining some guiding principles upon which to base decisions, he can give them tools they will use long into the future, not just for the current situation.  The ideas and ways of thinking about communication & leadership in particular are useful not only at work, but in all areas of life.

  • Business Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Today there is no lack of information, and the access to that information is unfettered. Often, the deciding factor in success or failure is not the information itself, but rather the effective communication of that information. Connecting relevant information with why it matters to the listener, and then offering actionable ways the listener can implement the information is the key. This bridge is sometimes overlooked, and can be difficult because the way is not always clear and rarely the same from case to case.

Sometimes the key lies in communicating less, not more. Knowing what to filter out can be as important as knowing what to include. This can also be important to do in stages–underlying principles first, then appropriate strategies atop that, followed by effective tactics atop that, and finally day-to-day steps.

Working with each client on a case-by-case basis, an effective presenter can delight audiences, inspire teams and align managers.