Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right placeEvery company exists for a reason.  Clarifying your company’s purpose, or re-kindling excitement in it, is a great first step toward increased sales, improved efficiency, and overall employee happiness & productivity.

With that purpose as the foundation, Chris will not only give your team insights into the “why”, but also practical tools to show them “how”. Chris can do this in the areas of:

  • Business Processes
  • Product Development
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Vision and Mission Statements

When done right, your corporate vision and mission statement are critical to keeping your business on track with its original intentions and to giving your team a sense of meaning, purpose and direction. These latter qualities, when lacking, produce burnout, low effort and commitment, and sub-par results.

Many companies have a corporate vision and a mission statement. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons these are not really followed. Sometimes, the authors of the original vision and mission statement are no longer with the company, or the company’s business plan/model has changed and they have not been updated to reflect that change, or perhaps they are worded such that they don’t generate clear action. Given this, many companies see working and focusing on vision and mission statements as a waste of time. If, however, the corporate vision is inspiring, it can be leaned upon in tough times to keep motivation high. The mission statement, if worded appropriately, can be a constant divining rod to guide strategic decisions for the life of the business. It can and should be the yardstick by which corporate direction is constantly measured.

Most businesses struggle to either come up with a strategy or determine the tactics necessary to follow the strategy. This isn’t due to a lack of ability, but rather to a lack of clarity. This clarity can often be found by reviewing the vision and mission statement to make sure they are a) in place, b) still valid, and c) useful. If not, there are so many nuances to setting a company’s strategy that once management teams get into it, they get deadlocked and give up. Some cut the process short, stopping at “good enough” and then face a similar problem when determining tactics. There are basic, simple principles that, when applied properly, can dramatically enhance the clarity of both the appropriate strategy and required tactics.

Chris will help your company get focused, organized, united, and, most of all, productive.