About_CroppedFrom supplying creative ideas to leading teams, Chris’s results have been consistently positive. He has led groups to create extraordinary results, including record-breaking sales, higher-than-ever production yields, and even the discovery of lucrative new markets for the existing product base. He has also helped a small organization realize its goal of mass-producing a brand new technology (ironically, a technology which the “experts” said would never be mass-produced), including a successful transfer overseas. Communicating his experience with enthusiasm and humor, he constantly uses his acting background to transform dry, forgettable ideas and strategies into simple mantras that enable a person or team to easily function better on its own, without constant oversight.

Over the past two decades Chris has been successfully employing tactics and strategies to help businesses perform better. His approach is uniquely broad-based and is derived from three main areas. He has personally been involved with virtually every facet of business, including process & product development and sales & marketing, as well as managing teams. His insatiable curiosity has led him to absorb countless dozens of books, websites, seminars and podcasts on business processes as well as personal growth and development. And finally, the glue that really allows him to teach what he has learned is his unique background of both engineering and acting.

Chris has always loved both problem solving (hence the BSEE degree!) and acting, and has had the opportunity to be on stage and in front of the camera countless times.  He has acted in dozens of scripted plays, has been trained in & performed improv, and has acted in several corporate training videos, TV commercials, and voice overs.  The highlights of his acting career, were his episode of a program aired on Animal Planet and Fall River, an independent film which earned him a listing on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

At home, Chris is blessed with a beautiful wife of 24 years and a great family.  And with three growing boys, Chris is constantly afforded opportunities to keep both his mind & body sharp!